Current Sunday Series: Re-Connected

Given the prevalence of isolation, fragmentation and disconnection in our lives and culture…

Our Fall Kick-Off Series is Underway . . .

We are meant to live as people who are deeply connected to God, self, one another, and creation. But how do we do this? What makes it so hard? What makes it possible?

In our fall kick-off series, we will engage these questions while considering some of the ways in which our lives, communities, and world are marked with loneliness and fragmentation.

We will hear from our Pastoral Team and share with one another how we have experienced re-connection through God’s presence, compassion, and generosity.


September 8   [Kim]   “A Story of Reconnection”

In this Introduction to the series, Pastor Kim Pierrot shares from Mark 5 on how the presence and activity of Jesus brings re-connection and restores wholeness.

September 15  [Kim]   “Taking Down the Wall”

In this message, Pastor Kim Pierrot shares from Ephesians 2, exploring what re-connection looks like for us, in the here and now.

September 22 [John]   “Jesus and the 4 Spaces of Belonging”

In this message, John Colpitts speaks about intimate, personal, social, and public belonging – knowing and being known, loving and being loved.

September 29 [Rod]   “What Does Prayer & Church Have to Do with Siberian Tigers & Global Warming?