New Service Format: Connected & Formed

For the month of September, as we live into our theme of connection, we invite you to arrive at 10 am…

How we gather shapes who we become . . .

Much more than a scheme to finally get you to come to church on time, this shift to an intentional connection time at the beginning of our service stems from a deep desire to be who we say we are – Capilano Christian Community – connected and formed by God’s presence, compassion, and generosity.

As a church without a denomination or a building, our richest asset has always been our people – a collection of characters with honest and sincere faith, big hearts, and the gift of not taking ourselves too seriously. Whenever we find ways to gather, connect, and engage with one another, we are richer for it.

“At the same time, we can never forget that we are called to be persons in community. We sing and we pray not simply for our own benefit but also for the benefit of others. We need to look from side to side in our services, not just to the front, and wonder what the person next to us needs.

We are meant to be shaped in powerful ways by our communal worship, May these times form us to be a people who are honored as individuals empowered by the Spirit to move toward one another in love and compassion. May Christ be formed in us.”         – Chelle Stearns


So, this month, skip your coffee shop run on the way to church and arrive at 10am for good food, good coffee, and good conversation. Keep your eyes open for those who are new or less known. If you have kids or teens, let them know we have some special things planned for them, but also that we look forward to connecting and interacting with them in new ways during this time.

At 10:20, kids and youth will head directly to their classrooms, and adults will be invited into the auditorium. The bulk of our worship music will be enjoyed as a response to the message and to our shared stories of God’s faithfulness.

God is good… all the time.